CNA Certification Training

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are in high demand right now. With the baby boomers getting older and needing medical care, there needs to be knowledgeable and skilled nursing assistants to help them.

The Work of a CNA

The work of CNAs is important. They not only monitor their conditions, but they provide emotional support as well. The elderly and sick need nurses that care about their well-being overall.

Since CNAs are assistants to nurses, they help with medical equipment. They may clean, sterilize, and organize equipment for procedures and surgeries. During procedures, CNAs may help nurses by completing paperwork or handing equipment over to them.

While CNAs do not have the knowledge or skills to perform surgeries, they do take action in crisis by performing CPR and other emergencies procedures. This can sometimes stabilize a person in medical need until nurses and doctors can come to his or her need.

How to Become a CNA

All you need to do to start studying to become a CNA is a high school diploma or GED and a CNA certification. The CNA training certificate program takes about 6-12 weeks to complete.

CNA training and certification programs can be found in community colleges and medical facilities. Usually, you can call them to ask about admission procedures. You can also find information online for CNA training and certification programs in your area.

When you start the program, you’ll learn all of the knowledge and skills you’ll need as a CNA. You’ll start with basic nursing skills and then go into infection control, proper body mechanics, nutrition, and basic anatomy and physiology. If the thought of studying medical topics frightens you because it seems too hard, don’t worry. The information is basic and with studying, most people can master the material.

After learning the information, those wishing to become CNA certified need to work 75 or more hours in a medical setting putting the knowledge they have gained into practice. When looking at CNA training and certification programs, you’ll notice this section of training is called Clinical Externship.

What to Expect after Certification

With a CNA certificate, you will be able to work in many medical facilities. You could work in a hospital setting, an outpatient medical center, hospice, nursing home, and more. Anywhere that nurses are needed, CNAs are usually needed too.

Once you start working, you’ll start to notice that the job has a lot of rewards. You’ll see how much of a difference you make in people’s lives, and you’ll feel good about yourself for it. In additional to the emotional rewards, you’ll also earn a decent salary of $28,592. Salary ranges though, so you may be able to find employment as a CNA that pays more.

Getting Ready for the World of Nursing

Deciding to become a nurse is an exciting time. It opens up many opportunities for your career. With your certification, you may decide that you love being a CNA for your entire career, or you may want to take the next step towards become a registered nurse. The choice is yours, and the first step is achieving your CNA certification.